Have you ever looked at a photo and had questions about what you’re seeing, or found something that piqued your interest? With the feature of chatting with images, AI chatbots can now provide answers and engage in discussions about specific elements within any photograph. In this post, we’ll explore how this feature ‘Chat with Images‘ can be applied in various aspects of daily life and work. Moreover, we’ll recommend 3 AI Chatbot websites where you can try out chatting with images for free. Let’s dive in!

Elevate Your Daily Routine with Image Chat

Turn everyday photos into interactive tools with ‘Chat with Images.’ This innovative feature allows you to engage with your photos in new ways.

Here’s how you can use ‘Chat with Images’ using Ask AI to enhance both your personal life and professional tasks:

1. Chat with Images to Identify and Suggest

Object Identification: Curious about something you found? Snap a photo and the AI will instantly give you details and useful tips.

chat with images for finding place

Recipe Recommendations: Not sure what to make for dinner? Take a picture of your ingredients and get recipe suggestions right away.

chat with images for recipe

2. Chat with Images to Generate Content

E-commerce Descriptions: Need a quick description for a product you’re selling online? Just take a photo, chat about it, and receive a perfect description instantly.

chat with images for product description

Ad Creation: Enhance your advertising by letting AI analyze your campaign images and craft ads that truly engage.

chat with images for twitter ads

3. Chat with Images for Learning

Homework Help: When you stuck on a homework problem, upload a photo of it. The AI will provide a solution pathway, which you can use as a guide. Remember, AI might not always be perfect. It’s a good idea to share your initial thoughts on the problem with the AI, guiding it through your approach step by step. Alternatively, you can use the AI’s proposed solution as a source of inspiration to develop your own unique way to tackle the question.

Guided Learning: Want to learn something new? Just send a photo related to the topic and receive easy-to-follow tutorials from AI.

4. Chat with Images to Extract Text

Text Extraction: Easily convert text from images into editable documents—perfect for digitizing your notes or paperwork.

Instant Translation: Encounter a document in a foreign language? A quick photo translates it instantly.

5. Chat with Images to Code

Web Design Implementation: Have a web design idea? Show it to the AI, and watch as it helps bring your website to life.
App Development from Sketches: Transform your app sketches into a working app with AI’s coding assistance.

With ‘Chat with Images,’ your photos help you solve problems, learn new things, and spark your creativity.

Top 3 Free AI Chatbots to Chat with Images

1. Claude


Launched by an AI security and research company – Anthropic, Claude is an AI chatbot service based on large language models. The latest iteration, Claude 2, introduced in 2023, showcases enhanced capabilities, including solving mathematical problems, reasoning, and coding assistance.

Recently, it also launched the newest features, in which users can upload pictures and interact with the content of the picture. This innovative platform enables comprehensive analysis of people, objects, language, and many other components in the image, offering in-depth analysis or answers to your inquiries. It can even describe abstract ideas such as emotions, symbols, and overall atmosphere. Claude offers this service for free with limited daily usage.

For example, imagine scrolling through your gallery and stumbling upon an old picture. This picture brings back the good vibes from that time, and suddenly you find yourself feeling nostalgic. No worries, let the AI describe the vibes for you to reminisce. Here’s what Claude can tell you:

chat with image claude

2. Gemini


Released by Google in 2023, Gemini initially debuted as a versatile tool for text, image, and audio recognition and generation. Since its launch, it has seamlessly integrated with various Google services, including the search engine and Bard. This AI model claims to have sophisticated reasoning abilities to think precisely and carefully when answering complex inquiries.

Gemini’s chat-with-images feature revolutionizes image interaction, offering seamless engagement with visual content. Please note, however, that Gemini cannot assist with images of people and focuses on identifying objects in detail. Developers can easily access Gemini’s functionalities through its API, facilitating smooth integration into their applications. Best of all, this service is free.

With the same picture, here’s what Gemini can tell you.

chat with image gemini

3. ChatGPT 


Finally, let’s explore ChatGPT, renowned as one of the premier platforms for image-based chatting. As a trailblazer in AI conversation technology, ChatGPT leverages large language models to enable seamless and engaging discussions across diverse topics.

Recently, ChatGPT has garnered significant attention for its innovative image-chatting feature, revolutionizing the way users interact with visual content. Like other platforms, users can simply upload images and ask questions. ChatGPT excels in identifying objects and providing detailed descriptions tailored to user inquiries.

Initially, this ability was exclusive to subscription-based ChatGPT Plus members using GPT-4. However, on May 13th, ChatGPT launched the GPT-4o model, which offers enhanced visual functions and faster response times, and is free for all users.

Whether accessed via the ChatGPT website or mobile app, users can now utilize the image-chatting function at no cost. The mobile app makes it even more convenient, allowing users to take pictures and chat about the content directly with ChatGPT using voice commands. Here’s an example of what ChatGPT can do with an image.

chat with image chatgpt


We’re now in an era where photos do more than just fill up your phone. With the power of Artificial Intelligence, interacting with images is just a few clicks away. Whether you’re stressed about what to cook or stuck on an Instagram caption, simply upload your photos and let the AI handle it. AI is the gateway to a simpler, more creative life.

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