Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, revolutionizing various fields, including writing. Its advanced technology offers numerous tools that enhance productivity and convenience in writing tasks, allowing writers to generate diverse content swiftly and efficiently.

However, with so many AI-powered writing tools available online, choosing the right one can be challenging. Therefore, look no further—this article provides a thorough analysis of Smodin, one of the most popular AI writing tools today. Discover its features, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as its top alternatives now!

What is Smodin?

Smodin is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to assist with content creation, rewriting, summarizing, plagiarism detection, and more. It offers a suite of tools to overcome writer’s block, enhance existing writing, and quickly produce high-quality content. Additionally, Smodin functions as a personal AI assistant for research, capable of engaging in informative conversations on various topics to facilitate smarter work and increased productivity.

Furthermore, Smodin includes features like Omniscient for homework assistance and AI Grader for writing feedback. Learn more about Smodin’s prominent features in the following section.


Smodin’s Core Features

Smodin provides several features that may be roughly divided into three categories:

Content Generation

Smodin’s main features include AI-powered capabilities to generate, rewrite, summarize, and graph content. For example, the AI writing tool requires users to input specific keywords to define the title and main themes. Depending on the type of content you’re generating, there are additional customizable options. For instance, when developing an essay, users can choose writing quality, category, type, and number of paragraphs. These versatile features ensure excellent results, making Smodin suitable for a wide range of applications, including blog posts, research papers, storytelling, and much more.

Content Detection

Next, Smodin offers content detection features, including plagiarism and AI content detection, to ensure content originality. These tools are crucial for professional, academic, and publication standards. The plagiarism detector provides accurate results, supporting the integrity of your writing. Users can perform checks directly through Super Search and Google Scholar Search or by pasting links to include or exclude sources. Smodin’s detailed reports can assist you in maintaining content integrity, making it a reliable tool for personalized content verification.

Talking to AI

Last but not least, Smodin includes AI chat and homework assistance features, such as Omniscient. The AI chat provides real-time insights from Google, helping with various inquiries. It even allows users to input their personality traits for a more personalized experience. Additionally, the homework assistance feature is powered by an advanced AI capable of solving problems in subjects like physics, geography, math, history, biology, and more, offering human-like expertise across diverse topics.

Smodin’s Pricing

Like many AI writing tools, Smodin offers a free plan. However, the free plan is limited to 3 writing credits and 5 entries per week, with a maximum input of 1,000 characters. Smodin provides three paid monthly plans: Essentials ($15), Productive ($29), and Ultimate ($79). Each plan includes unlimited rewrites, plagiarism checks, AI detection, and summarization, but they differ in the maximum number of characters allowed per entry. There is also a plus point for the Ultimate plan: supporting sub-account.

3 Smodin Alternatives

Not feeling like Smodin is for you? No worries. Here are the top three Smodin alternatives, each with unique strengths:

AI Chatting

Like Smodin, AI Chatting offers all the same writing functions but with additional features tailored for diverse needs. It can not only generate content for academic papers but also content for marketing and business purposes. This includes creating social media captions, business names, slogans, bio captions, and usernames. Furthermore, AI Chatting provides templates for personal letters (which Smodin does not have), such as love letters, apology letters, and others, ready for customization. These advanced capabilities make AI Chatting a more versatile and personalized tool compared to Smodin.



HIX AI excels in AI writing, offering over 120 custom tools for various use cases. Key features include long-form content generation optimized for SEO, an editor tool for proofreading and finalizing content, and a personal assistant powered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 for fast and reliable AI assistance. These comprehensive tools make HIX AI a more versatile choice than Smodin. However, unlike Smodin which offers a paid plan for all its features, these features require separate payment.

hix ai


Similar to Smodin, Writesonic can produce various types of content, including articles, blogs, emails, and advertisements. It helps with idea generation, headline writing, sentence improvement, text translation, and more. The standout feature of Writesonic is its SEO checker tool, which allows real-time keyword analysis to ensure your content drives traffic. Overall, it has characteristics that are comparable to those of Smodin, but it emphasizes usability and has more customizable choices. 



After reading this, you should know which tool suits your needs best. Smodin specializes in creating, rewriting, summarizing, and detecting plagiarism. AI Chatting offers diverse templates for various purposes. HIX AI boasts comprehensive tools, and Writesonic excels with its SEO checker. Make your choice and start using it now!

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