AI Text Rewriter

Rewrite any text in seconds.

A Simpler and Faster Way to Rewrite your text
The AI Text Rewriter is a versatile paraphrasing tool that offers various rewriting styles and intensities, along with custom options to satisfy your specific needs. Whether functioning as an article rewriter, paragraph rephraser, sentence reformulator, or word changer, this tool equips you to effortlessly clarify complex text, adjust content length, ensure originality, and more. It provides quick, reliable results that preserve the original intent of your message, ensuring quality and precision with every rewrite.

How to Use the AI Text Rewriter

Rewrite and refine your text quickly and easily.
Enter Your Text
Begin by inputting your original text. You can paste or type up to 5000 characters at a time. If your text exceeds this limit, consider splitting it into smaller segments.
Choose Style and Intensity
Select from 8 different rewriting styles and 3 intensity levels (light, medium, heavy) to customize how your text is rewritten.
Specify Rewriting Needs (Optional)
Use the "Additional Instructions" field to specify requirements you have for the rewrite, such as word limits or specific phrases to include or avoid.
Generate and Review the Result
Click 'Generate' to receive your rewritten text. Review the results and directly edit any texts if needed. Once satisfied, simply copy for use.
Avoid Plagiarism and Enhance Your Writing
The AI Text Rewriter helps turn your essays and articles into new, original works. It changes words and sentences so your writing is unique and doesn't copy others. Students, professors, and researchers can easily rewrite information for their papers or studies with this tool. It ensures your work stays true to your message but appears distinct from the source. (Remember to include a citation)
Rewrite Your Text for Any Occasion
In addition to avoiding plagiarism, the AI Text Rewriter can quickly change your text to match different styles, making it perfect for various audiences. Whether you need to simplify a complex document for students or create several versions to see which best fits your audience, this tool can do it fast.
Improve Readability and Correct Grammar
Furthermore, the AI Text Rewriter can automatically correct grammar mistakes and make your writing more fluent. It supports 30 different languages and improves your writing by choosing more appropriate words and correcting errors. This is great for people who aren't native speakers and want their writing to look professional.
Shorten or Lengthen Your Text Easily
Moreover, whether you need to make a long report shorter or a short note longer, the AI Text Rewriter can change the length of your text as needed. Simply use the "Additional Instructions" field to specify your desired text length. This makes it easy to fit your writing into a certain space, like for a presentation, publication, or advertisement.
Rewrite Any Text in Any Way
Finally, you can also customize your own rewriting preferences. Feel free to explore and experiment until your rewriting needs are fully met. This tool gives you the power to reshape your text while making sure it still makes sense and keeps the original meaning.

AI Text Rewriter FAQs

Is the AI Text Rewriter free to use?
Yes, you can use the AI Text Rewriter for free up to 5 times daily.
What does each rewriting intensity level mean?
Light Intensity: This level makes minor changes to your text, replacing some words with synonyms or altering small grammatical structures while keeping the original sentence structure mostly intact. Medium Intensity: This level modifies about half of the sentence structure and vocabulary, making more significant changes while preserving the original meaning. Heavy Intensity: This level completely changes the sentence structure and uses entirely new expressions and sentence forms, while still conveying the same meaning.
What should I fill in the "Additional Instructions" field?
In the "Additional Instructions" field, you can specify particular requirements for the rewrite, such as: - Word limits - Key phrases to include or avoid - Desired tone (e.g., humorous, serious) - Specific audience (e.g., children, experts) Any other details that will help tailor the output to your needs.
Can the AI Text Rewriter remove plagiarism?
Yes, the AI Text Rewriter can help remove plagiarism by rephrasing and reformulating content to make it unique while keeping the original meaning.